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To day in india a propotionatly larger sectors well aware of insurance but not aware of the role of the Insurance surveyor.Though Insurance surveyors are qualified professionals, their services are not exactly utilised for the purpose it is mean for ! On the other hand the professionals are exploited by the agecies carrying out the Insurance business.I have found out of my vast experience of 28 years of profession as insurance surveyors, the profession is not a secured profession.The insurance surveyors are the very weak link between insured and Insurers.Their value though it seems important but not exactly important in practice.

               Intelctuality of the surveyors are examined by most of the unintelctual machineries  and the product of the services are not without prejudice.Therefore common insureds are not recieving natural justice to their insurance contract.
               The time has not yet come for good recognosation  of the profession in the country.
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